Welcome to the Raz Lab

Working with both children and adults, health and disease, members of the Raz Lab explore many areas of psychological research including attention, expectation, placebos, and the influence of altered planes of consciousness on brain function. Our research brings together basic and clinical science while using state-of-the-art techniques such as eye tracking and imaging of the living human brain. Our research paves the road to innovations in education, new treatments for pathological conditions, and new ways to approach rehabilitation and cognitive training.

When can deception be good for you?

Magician turned neuroscientist, Dr Amir Raz is at the forefront of research exploring the potential of using deception to improve our daily lives.

Keynote Address

Dr. Amir Raz delivers the Keynote Address at the Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences Commencement Ceremony

Placebo Effective

Dr. Amir Raz, Dr. Ted Kaptchuk and Dr. Ofer Agid discuss the Placebo effect as a viable medical treatment option

Prescriptions and Placebos

Dr. Amir Raz and Dr. Jeff Mogil discuss the uses of placebo in the healthcare system