Audio, video, and imagery from the Raz Lab

Dr. Amir Raz in Building Character at Chapman University

June 2020

Is Hypnosis a Real Thing?

June 2018

What’s the difference between stage and clinical hypnosis?

June 2018

Dr. Amir Raz Discusses Placebo on CBC Radio

April 2018

The Power of Suggestion - Mind Field

April 2018

The Science of Magic - The Nature of Things

March 2018

Trottier Public Science Symposium at McGill

October 2017

When is it ok for doctors to prescribe placebos? (CBC Radio Noon Montreal)

October 2017

Hypnosis in medicine: no chickens involved

June 2017

When Can Deception Be Good For You?

June 2017

Keynote Address at the Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences Commencement Ceremony

May 2017

Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research Paper of the Month

May 2017

Neurofeedback: an effective placebo treatment?

March 2017

Placebo Effective

March 2017


December 2016

Rubber Arm

December 2016

Eye Tracking and Pupillometry

December 2016

Science vs. Hypnosis

September 2016

Neurofeedback : effet placebo ?

June 2016

Are EEG neurofeedback benefits due to placebo effects?

June 2016

Why Are We So Eager to Hear “Placebo” Speak?

May 2016

Beyond the brain: Perspectives on mindful meditation

March 2016

Los Angeles Review of "Placebo Talks"

February 2016

McGill Talks

November 2015

The Psychology of Magic

February 2015

Doctors on Wheels

January 2015

Brain Magic: The Power of Placebo

July 2014

The Seductive Allure of SpintronicsTM Neuroimaging mock scanner

May 2014

Please Explain Hypnosis

February 2014

The Neural Magic of Hypnotic Suggestion

July 2013

Psychedelic Science

April 2013

A look at a medical practice some experts say violates your trust

March 2013

Brain Games: Hypnosis

January 2013

Kia supports Doctors on Wheels

September 2012

Under Hypnosis with Dr. Raz

March 2012

Hypnosis, the Power of Suggestion, and the Science of Hypnotherapy

January 2012

Alternative Therapies - Hypnotherapy

July 2011

Placebo Medication

June 2011

One in five MDs have prescribed placebos

May 2011

El "sorprendente" poder de los placebos

May 2011

Dr. Amir Raz discusses the therapeutic effects of Hypnosis

July 2010

CBC Radio Noon: Hypnosis

April 2010

Haunted minds

October 2008

Waking up to potential of hypnosis

May 2007

From the stage to the lab

March 2006

Hypnotic suggestion can reduce conflict in human brain

August 2005

Interview with Amir Raz, Ph.D

July 2005

Hypnosis Gaining Ground in Medicine

July 2005

Unblocking the Mind

June 2005

The power of suggestion lingers

June 2005

Could certain frequencies of electromagnetic waves or radiation interfere with brain function?

June 2003